Who passing Balmain, stylist conjecture

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Who passing Balmain, stylist conjecture

Fashion designer Balmain stylist rumours Melanie Ward Balmain stylist will succeed
Shortly before Christophe Decarnin Balmain designer announced the departure of messages that for the fanaticism of Balmain die-hard speaking, is undoubtedly a tragic news. Recall that happen before has some seemingly clue, such as the just concluded Paris fashion week, autumn 2011 Decarnin just missed,when officials put reason is his already treated depressed. And, more rumours this Balmain 2011 qiu dong, all from the design of show the hand of stylist Melanie Ward.

Fashion designer Melanie Ward has been pushed to a two-decade-long, not only for the story, produced more due to a series of subsequent rumours storm and a sounds more topic Christophe Decarnin sexual news - is the successor to woman. In fact Melanie Ward is not unknown and small generation,she was well Helmut for 13 years of creative director? It won't let a person feel replaced becomes more convincing?

The so-called Melanie Ward design Balmain 2011 qiu dong series

But Christophe Decarnin why would be about Fried, one theory is that he and Hivelin Balmain chairman and CEO Alain the contradiction between the eve of intensified to fashion week, has entered the deteriorating state. The contradiction between the designer and the boss is exist in each brand of common phenomenon, Alain Hivelin want to expand the Blue light luxury route Balmain Christophe Decarnin,|was what, a want fish men, another to PAWS argued, SO it's just a continue to rise, a change to wooden bridge road



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