"The song" made popular colour bright ninety percent net friend think fashion

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"The song" made popular colour bright ninety percent net friend think fashion
In 2011 the most fashionable what cultural phenomenon? When made of song. In order to memorize the 90 anniversary of the song made all age professional swept across the wave. And in the earlier a network survey, participants in the survey 92.09% net friend think "young people still fashion" song made, the reason is that the new creation red song has the distinct popular colour. Also, many new red the songs are as popular film theme song form, recited degree is extremely high. Therefore, in the heat of the song made, don't know these new red song, you really "AoTeMan"!

"Start" sweet sincere

The singer: ShangCan

Popularity: 9:28 9:28 painted an, an

With the red China's 1921 drama "tribute" that a young singer ShangCan singing, the theme song began to "also get attention and the affection.
From review: for the general public speaking, need not to pursue professional skills, all of the singing skill is the content service for songs. Made with affection, songs to express our heart to the state, to the party's love. Such as the start ", sincerely warm, song lyrics special also very good to listen, I was using a sweet to acme ways, happiness is the time singing songs of the best embodiment.
Musical reviews: famous musicians HuangXiaoMao think, this song for simple, easy melody and fluent vivid, deduce. The singers deep feeling The force of the same praise start well and lyrics that users think ShangCan in the start of the MV YangKaiHui jing had.
"The youth" the modern style
The singer: ChenSiSi
Popularity: 9:28 painted an, an
"New folk song days" ChenSiSi from June launch for the 90th anniversary of the single "tribute" recently airborne each big youth radio, and quickly and become the major national radio charts, the darling of the radio stations that list of airborne champions, popularity shows one spot.
From review: this song melody feeling is very good, very rhythmic, the arrangement is completely popular music of the user of the technique, listen to the interaction between the feeling and the site after the atmosphere is very strong, need to have some sense of the rhythmic dancing in it.
Musical reviews: this song is permeated with traditional folk songs like the pure and good poetic aesthetic feeling, arranger join popular element of the youth and let "send out a warm fashionable era characteristics. To have an audience remarked: "this song melody is very beautiful, rhythm feels strong, the arrangement of pop music is completely with the routine technique, extremely kind." "The youth" have modern fashion sense, with some lack of popular element songs completely different, recognizable high."
"To love each other" four combination creative
The singer: d in MaHaiSheng YaoBeiNa cao fu jia

Popularity: 9:28 9:28 painted an, an

"To love each other" recently become a hit song, red screen on the network hits also remain high.
From review: the songwriter Chen tao says new lyrics and free from vulgarity, beautiful and do not break grand, both Chinese wind of lyrics and artistic conception, vernacular lyrics succinct. Second lyrics express image all-encompassing. The whole song with the melody and the sweet atmosphere grand and fashion and continues just like the around, 56 national general tightly surrounding him.

Musical reviews: in the audience, it seems, the song's lyrics implicative, meaningful, thinking big, and jumping rhythm feeling very strong. "This song by leading motives deformation processing and die in tones of technique, form and delivering the contrast, the idea of transformation in that appeared unceasingly." "Four times, in combination of singing voices take turns alternating, highlight different tone changes."


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