T stage men's clothing show this summer will also high-profile naked

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T stage men's clothing show this summer will also high-profile naked
Lou thigh
Remember a few years ago in Y - 3 of the NvMo on beautiful field, with similar modelling big beautiful leg, then fry up high fork fashion is miss GAGA, but now Michael Bastian male people finally unwilling to lag behind the thigh, full display. When and where you put this body modelling wear out, still need some courage, wear and also don't forget before his legs down at eye big reveal whether a qualified.

See abdominal muscle
Big show upper body muscles actually very common Emporio Armani this season, but the modelling more can the line of sight of people above on abdominal muscle. LianTiaoShi wearing braces adornment, against directly express you see where. The China international fashion zhou brand still explode "beer belly male mold," vogue is pretty strict figure sometimes for.

Show navel
Y - 3 this year chun xia began to let a man put on LouQiZhuang. Short version tight vest, low-key but slightly luxuriant long coat, and neck lazy wearing little bow tie, shaping up a delicate little man is dressed up. Although say Y - 3 not only show this year chun xia male model, but the brand of belly button up to see degrees, or ShaoShengYiChou.

Play perspective
The highest state of bare when Louis Vuitton. Is the so-called "Jude embrace pipa half block face", naked effect may not have a half well. Louis Vuitton 2011 in chun xianan fits T stage, the clairvoyant outfit stylish4 and practical, believes that many people can challenge a. Moreover, although the whole modelling is composed by different gray, but a semipermeable coat let person appears lightsome, very suitable for summer.


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