Luxuriant luxury big bearing spring 2011 female Chanel show

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Luxuriant luxury big bearing spring 2011 female Chanel show
Chanel (Chanel) shows is Paris fashion week is one of the most worth expecting hotspot, even if someone says "announced" Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) is a bow to pop the snobbish ghost, but 80 people live 15-piece band, more than 80 luxury hemp beans for 18 minutes, squad, nearly 90 Look of the prosperity of the big show, still in the proof the Chanel (Chanel) reigns super position. "Announced" never give up luxury and flashy, but this spring 2011 dress show, he should be more in a novel fabric, exquisite workmanship, "hit out at others for gaudy", "spontaneous" evaluation.
Senior BaoYou all know, "Carl who are good at announced" inspiration from the dream, but this seems to need not again to dream, because he borrows brain early have early 1960s black-and-white film last year in Marion bud "(L 'Annee Derniere a Marienbad) do stuff, although the film is countless people think super boring, but Chanel (Chanel) 2011 chun xia's entire T stage background - that black and white huge garden and central fountain, bring surreal aesthetic feeling in the movie - it was from the draw inspiration!

The opening a few sets look still emerged from Chanel (Chanel) traditional tweed suit style, but fabric is full of irregular hole, presenting a "bug eat by moth" general effect. Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) said the new fabrics is he this one season one source of inspiration, but he leather edge, grid and holes to reshape new fabrics. Seven minutes of sleeve jacket and pants, short skirt collocation, draw the outline of A font Outlines. Simple Tweed fabrics was dyed bright light pink, yellow, blue designedly, edge processing becomes tassel, or use (flash feathers. Gray jeans also was full of color of voids.

Midfielder later, printing design silk towel brought shirt and suit, the fur collocation appears tweed. Carly krause (Karlie Kloss) dressed in print dress, the full camellia design exaggerated plopped open a straw hat shapes, big umbrella instant really have a swim in the garden of the noble lady snowboarding progresses.
After the printing out is a series of black dress, feathers, diamond, split - around... "Announced" in various ways let black get rid of depressing. When silk, hard crepe, snow spins, bud and so on many kinds of fabrics is also focused on a dress, fine workmanship can rival advanced customization.
Include many big-name supermodel and hot new luxury hemp beans still cannot meet the squad Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld), he flew invited two heavyweight guest. One is "announced" very favorite male mold Brad Brad Kroenig) temple (Chloe, another is the 1980s France's most red supermodel, this year have 52-year-old Iraq, nadia flachi Della Ines DE la mulberry hot (Fressange). When "announced" just over Chanel (Chanel), resembling Coco Chanel, Coco Chanel (,) Iraq flachi Della Sabina Ines DE la mulberry hot (Fressange) is the first Muse in his heart.


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