Introduction of the Fifty BLANCPAIN Fathoms series wrist watch

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Introduction of the Fifty BLANCPAIN Fathoms series wrist watch
As a watch manufacturing precision of art connoisseurs, BLANCPAIN in 1953 created the world's first of the modern QianShuiBiao-the famous "Fifty Fathoms". In the Brassus watch antiparasitage manufacturer, now through developing a has three types of series wrist watch: a machine with a brand new automatic wrist watch chain, a FeiFan function has timing wrist watch, a reputation of distinguished equipped with floating type tuo flywheel the wrist watch, to deduce the period to tabulation course and the sailing sport legends. This kind of new Fifty Fathoms wrist watch waterproof capacity to 300 meters, and given the nature of the QianShuiBiao, black dial, table circle and watchband collocation red gold, platinum or whole just 45 mm diameter dial.

A mature wrist watch series
The persistence of the traditional spirit
The three new types of fashion wrist watch, represent the forging the first Fifty Fathoms wrist watch and then upgrade version of the main landmark status characteristics. In the decisive choice, the three watch the obvious the same professional spirit, are made in diving field with a lot of experience, so its guidance experts will exist risk and drive. The three watch with the same for 300 meters of waterproof depth. Also the big hours and ensure that the mark pointer wrist watch the readability of the best. Black dial and black table circle, with night-light display formed a striking contrast. Rotating table circle is still wrist watch is one of the key elements, through its surface sculpture auxiliary operation and one-way rotation system, to avoid the because any negligence in time in case of any extension scuba diving. Sapphire is the world's most hard one of the material, this watch circle through the scraping the sapphire process processing, make its have a slight arc TuWen effect, so it can reduce the impact of the damage degree, this watch circles because of its costly function and more show precious.
Fashion the perfect socialist carrying Blancpain essence
For loyal to the innovation of traditional spirit, Blancpain in the same factory to Brassus antiparasitage Fifty Fathoms every detail and checking to ensure can achieve the best performance, and can immediately identify to Fifty Fathoms design features of fine-tuning characteristics. In order to highlight the in all the biggest readability, under the environment of a new Blancpain choose the luminous coating application in the list of the circle and mark the; Has the effect of the radial dash forward show on black dial the trapezoidal hour mark, and display the table ring on the last 15 minutes of increasing the scale, make this watch user convenience got the biggest reflect. The case is equipped with BiaoGuan protection, in order to enhance the security of important components around. With rubber lining Blancpain black canvas created a new type of waterproof strap with wrinkles. In a special series of wrist watch for research and development of needle strap on, adornment a reflect the trapezoidal structure tag design hours. In the 2003 edition of set limit to, the unique reasonable of rapid system can easily replace strap. In addition, a made by rubber additional strap and the change of the tools together, formed finish the wrist watch need tools. Blancpain or even to its packaging innovation, through a kind by high-tech material made the super strong waterproof box for packaging, such even if in extremely bad environment use also won't happen damage.
Today, Blancpain through the manufacturing contains automatic model, FeiFan timing fashion versions, and the other a person enchanted floating type tuo flywheel wrist watch series, for Fifty Fathoms brought new life. This represents the from of a single Blancpain through the wrist watch evolve continuously, development of excellent mechanical clocks manufacturing to other species, which gives birth several specialized wrist watch form of course. Blancpain provide pure red gold, platinum two versions of the Fifty Fathoms choose for you, therefore, Fifty Fathoms wrist watch can not influence the sturdiness, in water proofing property and reliability of the premise, fully embodies its precious essence.

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